The Review of Finance and Banking (RFB)

The Review of Finance and Banking is a scientific review that aims to publish valuable original contributions in the fields of Corporate finance, Financial markets, Financial Economics and Banking. In order to accomplish this mission, a double- blind review process has been put in place. The Editorial Board is formed of well-known finance researchers who offer their outstanding experience in order to accomplish the goals of the Review of Finance and Banking.

Romanian Journal of Fiscal Policy (RJFP)

Romanian Journal of Fiscal Policy (RJFP) will publish theoretical and empirical articles that span the range of fiscal policy and other related issues. More specifically, the editors encourage the submission of quality papers that are concerned with theoretical or empirical aspects of the following broadly defined topics: fiscal policy; comparative or joint analysis of fiscal and monetary policy; macroeconomic aspects of public finance; government expenditures and related policies; national budget; deficit; debt; optimal taxation; fiscal policies and behavior of economic agents; international fiscal issues; stabilization; studies of particular fiscal policies episodes.