Head of Department
Associate professor Lucian TATU, Ph.D.

Address: 5-7, Mihail Moxa Street, 010961 Bucharest, Romania, Room 3107
Telephone no.:
+4 021 319 19 00, ext. 264
E-mail address: lucian.tatu@fin.ase.ro

The Department of Finance aims to provide academic training for future specialists in the finance domain. The main areas covered are those of corporate finance, public finance, insurance and financial markets. Training within the Department of Finance involves, besides teaching, scientific research and consultancy for companies in the real economy. Since 1913, the high academic level of teaching finance subjects has been ensured by our own academic staff, which holds a rich theoretical and practical experience in finance, proven by numerous publications and research projects it has conducted over time. Within the ongoing concern of developing analytical and practical skills for valuable trained specialists, the academic staff of the department provides students with modern teaching materials and specialized materials like textbooks, scientific articles and lecture notes or seminar materials.

Research projects

The Department’s staff is involved in research activities performed in the field of corporate finance, public finance, financial markets and insurance.The outcomes of the research undertaken by the Department of Finance are disseminated through internationally recognized publications.

Research centers

The Center of Financial and Monetary Research (CEFIMO) came into existence in 2000. Three years later, CEFIMO was certified by the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport. The Center aims at developing consistent basic and experimental research within the following areas: public finance, corporate finance, monetary and banking system, insurance, international finance. Director: Professor Andreea STOIAN, Ph.D.
Website: http://www.cefimo.ro/index.php?lang=en


The Review of Finance and Banking is jointly published by the Department of Finance and the Department of Money and Banking. The Review publishes articles focusing on the following topics:corporate finance, investments, portfolio management, corporate governance, insurance, public finance, valuation, international finance, financial markets, real estate, monetary and fiscal policies.
Website: http://www.rfb.ase.ro/

Professor Armeanu Ștefan Daniel, Ph.D.
Professor Badea Leonardo, Ph.D.
Professor Braşoveanu Iulian Viorel, Ph.D.
Professor Braşoveanu Obreja Laura Mihaela, Ph.D.
Professor Brezeanu Petre, Ph.D.
Professor Câmpeanu Emilia Mioara, Ph.D.
Professor Ciobanu Anamaria, Ph.D. , Ph.D.
Professor Dragotă Ingrid Mihaela, Ph.D.
Professor Dragotă Victor, Ph.D.
Professor Dumitrescu Dalina, Ph.D.
Professor Gherghina Ștefan Cristian, Ph.D.
Professor Gyorgy Atilla, Ph.D.
Professor Mitrică Nelu Eugen, Ph.D. , Ph.D.
Professor Stoian Andreea Maria, Ph.D.
Professor Vintilă Georgeta, Ph.D.
Professor Vuţă Mariana, Ph.D.
Associate professor Cataramă Delia Florina, Ph.D.
Associate professor Ciobanu Radu, Ph.D.
Associate professor Curmei-Semenescu Ileana Andreea, Ph.D.
Associate professor Georgescu Georgiana Camelia, Ph.D.
Associate professor Gherghina Rodica, Ph.D.
Associate professor Gherghina Liliana Nicoleta, Ph.D.
Associate professor Iacob Mihaela, Ph.D.
Associate professor Iorgulescu Filip Teodor, Ph.D.
Associate professor Kagitci Meral, Ph.D.
Associate professor Miricescu Emilian-Constantin, Ph.D.
 Associate professor Mitroi Adrian, Ph.D.
 Associate professor Naghi Laura Elly, Ph.D.
 Associate professor Tănăsescu Paul, Ph.D.
 Associate professor Ţâţu Lucian, Ph.D.
Associate professor Țibulcă Ioana Laura, Ph.D.
 Associate professor Vintilă Nicoleta, Ph.D.
 Lecturer Brad Laura, Ph.D.
 Lecturer Constantinescu Carmen Maria, Ph.D.
 Lecturer Filipescu Maria Oana, Ph.D.
 Lecturer Ivanescu Dan Nicolae, Ph.D.
 Lecturer Lazăr Paula, Ph.D.
 Lecturer Lipară Carmen, Ph.D.
 Lecturer Moscalu Maricica, Ph.D.
 Lecturer Pascu Nedelcu Maria, Ph.D.
 Lecturer Stănculescu Andrei, Ph.D.
 Lecturer Tilica Elena Valentina, Ph.D.
 Lecturer Tulbure Narcis, Ph.D.
Assistant professor Ionescu Ionuț Teodor, Ph.D.
Assistant professor Oprea Dragoș Ștefan, Ph.D.
Assistant professor Panea Ionuț Valentin, Ph.D.
Assistant researcher Andreea Iordache, Ph.D. Student
Assistant researcher Catalina Ioana Toader, Ph.D. Student
 Assistant researcher Mihai Georgian Dănuț, Ph.D. Student